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"I purchased soap from Candace and Kids for the first time in February 2011. After using just one of the bars, I knew I was hooked. Overall, my skin was softer and my legs lacked that "fish scale" look that I get from gas/propane heat. I was so impressed with the soap that I contacted Candace about carrying the soap in my booths located in Main Street Antiques in Ellijay, GA and in Mountainside Antiques in Jasper, GA. It has been a year since I started carrying the soap and I am happy to say that both customer reviews and repeat business are great. Thanks Candace for a great product!" - Ether Davis Ellijay, Ga

"I fought eczema on my hands for 3 years. It was very painful and frustrating. My hands would crack and bleed. I had several appointments with dermatologist and they prescribed cortisone creams. The cream would clear the eczema up for a little while,but as soon as I would stop using the cream the eczema would return. I didn’t like using cortisone cream all the time and knew that it wasn’t good for my skin.

I was visiting my sister one weekend and noticed all these different soaps in her bathroom. I asked her what was the deal with all these soaps. She began to explain that they were goats milk soap and tell me benefits of using these soaps. She had a bar of the Calendula & Chamomile soap. She said that I should use the soap and see if it helped with the eczema on my hands. Guess what? I don’t suffer with cracking, bleeding hands anymore! I cannot thank Candace and Kids enough. All I can say is....Keep the Calendula & Chamomile coming my way!"           Donna Hooks Turner   Evans, Ga

"My son has psoriasis  and we had tried every topical ointment we could. He had been to the Doctor and Dermatologist. We could get it under control for little while but it flare back up. We asked Candi about a soup that might help and she suggested the Eucalyptus and Tea Tree oil , also the Calamine bar. After using the eucalyptus and tea tree for about 3 weeks it had cleared up all over his body and had clear the area in his head up tremendously. I try to recommend the soap to anybody that has dry skin or any skin problems. It has been great for us and does not cost near what medicated ointments do." - Deidra Lawrence   Thomaston , Ga

"I bought the camo dirt and camo soap. I used the camo dirt before I went to bed. The soap has a scent but when you use it has a neutral odor. I hunted the next morning before going to work and I was wearing work clothes. I killed an 8 pointer within 10 yards of me. I do recommend the soap and I will use it again."
- Leonard Perez Manchester, GA

"I have really enjoyed using your soap.  It makes my skin feel cleaner, not like regular soap.  Your goat milk soap doesn't leave a film on the skin like the regular soap."   - Frank Nasworthy  Swainsboro, GA

"I could not believe the difference in my hand since using your soap.  I also gave a bar to a friend whose little girl has problems with her arms and legs itching and changing colors of the skin.

My son,  who is a plastic surgeon, laughed at me saying all kinds of doctors and scientist have tried to find cures for the skin but I got the last laugh as the soap has really helped both of us."  - Sue Layton  Houston, Texas

“I have always struggled with dry skin.  I thought I had finally found the right soap, Dove.  After showering, I always have to immediately use body lotion or else my skin feels horrible.  I was introduced to Candance and Kids soap about a year ago.  Once I began using the “Rosemary Mint” I could tell a difference in the way I felt about my skin.  First, I actually felt like there wasn’t a film.  Second, it moisturized and thoroughly cleansed my body.  I still use lotion but an $8 bottle of lotion last a lot longer than it ever has.  Lastly, it has an amazingly fresh scent.  I love it.  My children can hardly do without the “Juicy Fruit” soap.  I wash my children’s (6yrs and 3yrs) body and hair with this product.  Once again a great scent and gets them squeaky clean.  Thanks to Candance and Kids Soap Co. I now also have unique and highly favored Teacher gifts as well.”  

- Cassie Justen and Family Statesville, GA

"Being a mailman, I would always get bites (mosquitos, fleas and flying ants)  on my legs while carrying the mail.  Once I started using Buzz Away, I no longer get any bites. It is amazing."   Danny Kelly  US Postal Carrier

"The Pup Scrub soap for dogs is a wonderful life saver.  I have four dogs and two have very sensitive skin and lots of allergies.  Bath days were terrible with all the scratching and chewing after the baths.  Now there is no more up all night after a Pup Scrub bath, they smell wonderful,and there has been no dry flaky skin.  They are nice clean happy dogs and I no longer dread bath days.  Thanks for a wonderful product.  Will be ordering more."  Judie, Jacksonville, Fl

Candace and Kids Soap is the best soap I have ever used. I have contact dermatitis related to many allergies and have had difficulties in the past finding soap that did not cause irritation to my skin. I was extremely limited. I am a nurse and I am even allergic to the soap we use at the hospital. Matt and Candi have been friends with my family for years now and she asked if I would like to try it out. Now that I use Candace and Kids Soap my skin no longer remains irritated by the soap I use to bathe. My skin is much smoother and feels even more clean than any name brand soap. I love all of the different scents and purposes of each soap. I have yet to find one that I dislike. I am thankful for this soap and intend on using it for the rest of my life. Thank you Matt and Candi for your wonderful soap! -Heather Allen